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Well, well, my dear friends! Welcome to Sister Agatha's cozy little corner, where troubles are heard, perspectives shared, and maybe - just maybe - a sprinkling of spiritual insight awaits.

I must say, receiving your delightful letters has simply warmed this old nun's heart. Each one is like peeking through a little window into someone's inner world. Believe me, I don't take lightly the trust you've placed in me to handle your thoughts and woes with care.

You can count on me to dole out counsel that's equal parts considerate, caring, and hopefully wise - though I make no promises on that last bit! Whether it's affairs of the heart, crises of faith, or just some pesky practical problem, I'm here with my trusty quill at the ready to ponder your plights.

So keep those letters coming, my dears! I live for the chance to lend an ear and offer a serving of hard-won perspective that might just light your way, even a little. No query is too big or too small in my book. Every soul deserves to be heard in this cozy corner.

With fondness and prayers everlasting, Yours Sister Agatha


Dear Sister Agatha, please offer some guidance in how to navigate my devastated broken heart, as I had to put my soul dog to eternal rest. I’m currently lost without her. I pray & hope we meet again, but I can feel past the pain right now.
Shae’s mama

Dear Heartbroken,
Oh, my dear, the loss of a beloved pet is indeed a profound sorrow, one that tugs relentlessly at the heartstrings. Your dear Shae was not just a pet but a cherished member of your family, a soul companion. It's natural and entirely right to grieve this loss deeply.
First, allow yourself to mourn. There's no set timeline or "right way" to grieve. Each person's journey is unique. Your feelings of sadness, loneliness, and even confusion about the future without your dear companion are valid and should be honored. Do not rush through this process.
In your moments of prayer, imagine the peace and joy Shae is experiencing now, free from any worldly pains. Many find comfort in the hope of a reunion in the hereafter, a serene belief that can bring solace to your aching heart.
Try to fill the silence left behind with small, positive actions. Perhaps start a memory book with pictures and notes about the beautiful moments you shared. Or, if it feels right, you might consider volunteering at an animal shelter. Being around animals who need your love and care can be incredibly healing and can help bridge the gap that Shae left.
And talk about Shae, to friends, family, or fellow pet lovers who understand your loss. Sharing your memories can keep her spirit alive in your heart and in the world.
Above all, be gentle with yourself, dear. Healing is not linear and comes with its ups and downs. Your journey through this grief is a testament to the profound love you had for Shae. That love is a bond that not even death can sever.
Yours in shared understanding and compassion,
Sister Agatha


Dear Sister Agatha,

I am an avid reader going through a book a day sometimes, usually at least every other day. The murder mystery genre is my favorite and recently my taste has turned a bit darker to even serial killer thrillers.  My beloved husband says it is very "unseemly" for a Christian lady to be reading such things. I say, "How will I know what to look out for if I don't educate myself?" I was wondering what are your thoughts on the matter dear Sister, as I know you've been known to stumble upon a crime scene or two yourself.



            Murder Mystery Mrs.




Dear Mrs. Murder,


Ah, the intricate dance between our passions and the perceptions of others! Your letter brings a smile, for it echoes a familiar sentiment I've encountered within the stone walls of Gwenafwy Abbey and beyond.


Firstly, it's commendable that you're such an avid reader! Engaging with books is a marvelous way to expand our minds and explore worlds beyond our immediate surroundings. As for your burgeoning interest in darker tales, such as those of serial killers, it's not uncommon for even the gentlest souls to find intrigue in the mysteries of the human psyche. These stories, while often grim, can provide insight into the complexities of human behavior and justice, themes that are far from unseemly.


Your argument for education through reading is a sound one. Understanding the darker aspects of humanity can indeed sharpen our awareness and even our empathy, by confronting us with perspectives we might never otherwise encounter. It is not the content that defines us, but rather the intention and reflection we bring to it.


However, responding to your beloved husband's concerns is also important. Perhaps a gentle conversation about the benefits you gain from these books might bridge understanding. It could be fruitful to explore together how these stories enhance your knowledge and awareness, rather than diminish your grace or virtue.


In my own adventures, both real and literary, I've learned that facing the shadows can indeed make the light more appreciable. So, my dear, read with curiosity, reflect with wisdom, and share with kindness. The balance you strike between your interests and your relationships will, like any good mystery, find its resolution in time.


With warm regards and a prayer for mutual understanding,


Sister Agatha

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Barb Koenig
Barb Koenig
18 mai

Dear Sister Agatha,

I live in a nursing home and while my physical body is broken, my mind is sharp. I am working on my DMin and in my previous setting (I had to move because I could no longer afford the rates) i had a wonderful set-up with a desk on wheels fit over the top of my bed. It worked well and gave me plenty of room. I am in the process of completing my project proposal, a very detailed explanation of what I intend to do.

This care center has been my "home" for 7 months now and I have regularly asked to get my desk in my room. There have been all kinds of excuses, th…


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