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Meet Ollie

Ollie is a lovable 3-year-old applehead Chihuahua who joined our family after being rescued by the wonderful folks at The Great Divide Animal Rescue.

We are so grateful to The Great Divide Animal Rescue for bringing Ollie into our lives and for the lifesaving work they do every day for animals in need. To learn more about their mission and the many wonderful pets they have available for adoption, please visit their website at

Ollie's Story

Ollie's story is one of resilience and second chances. Before being rescued, he had a rough start to life, facing neglect and abandonment. But despite the challenges he faced, Ollie's friendly, spirited personality shone through. The caring volunteers at The Great Divide Animal Rescue took him in, provided him with medical care, and showered him with the love and attention he needed to thrive.

When we first saw Ollie's cute little face on Petfinder, we knew instantly that he was meant to be part of our family. With his adorable applehead features, big expressive eyes, and tiny body that seems to tremble with excitement, Ollie captured our hearts from the very beginning. He loves nothing more than snuggling up on the couch, going for walks around the neighborhood, and then sleeping wrapped in a soft blanket again.

Since adopting Ollie, our lives have been filled with so much more joy, laughter and love than we could have imagined. Chi's are the best!


Is that a cat?

I'm taking a moment between naps.


If only I could get comfortable.


I love a sunbeam.


Excuse me?

Yes. There is a dog in here.


Please wake me when it's time to eat.

Every dog needs a pink chair.

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