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I am passionate about weaving together the threads of ministry, mystery, and technology. Here you'll find my fiction series, where intrigue and spirituality blend within the hallowed halls of Welsh convents, and my nonfiction series, "AI in Ministry," which explores how artificial intelligence can transform church operations and enhance community engagement. Whether you're drawn to the suspenseful adventures of my fictional characters or interested in practical insights to modernize and streamline your ministry, there's something here for every reader.


Nestled in a quaint Welsh village, my cozy mystery series follows the delightful duo of Sister Agatha, a quick-witted Anglican nun, and Father Selwyn, the well-meaning vicar, as they untangle quirky crimes and puzzling mysteries.

With a perfect blend of humor, intrigue, and heart, these books offer a charming escape into a world where faith, wisdom, and a little divine intervention help our unlikely pair uncover the truth. As they navigate the twists and turns of each case, Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn confront the challenges of their own beliefs and the complexities of human nature.


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In my book series, "AI in Ministry," I invite you to discover how artificial intelligence can revolutionize our sacred work. This series sheds light on how AI can streamline the mundane tasks that often consume our days, allowing us to focus more on what truly matters—pastoral care, community engagement, and spiritual growth.

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