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Jane is available via zoom or phone for book-club call-ins.

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Book club in person

Jane is available for in-person book clubs in many areas of New England. Reach out and see if she can attend in person. All she asks is that there are cookies.

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discussion questions

  1. How did the prologue set the tone for the rest of the novel? What expectations did it create about the story’s setting and characters?

  2. Sister Agatha is a central figure throughout the book. How does her role as a nun influence her actions and perspectives as a detective?

  3. SThe village of Pryderi and Gwenafwy Abbey are significant to the story. How does the author use the setting to enhance the mystery and character interactions?

  4. How does the theme of faith weave through the narrative? Discuss instances where faith intersects with the characters' personal challenges or the larger mystery.

  5.  Discuss the transformation of Claire MacDonagh throughout the novel. How do her experiences at the Abbey affect her views on faith and her personal life?

  6. How effectively does Willan incorporate the traditional elements of a cozy mystery into a religious setting? Were there any twists that you found particularly surprising or satisfying?

  7. Analyze the dynamics between the new and old nuns. How do these relationships impact the atmosphere of the Abbey and the unfolding of the plot?

  8. Consider the symbolism of the miniature cathedral and the replica bible. What might these items represent within the broader themes of the novel?

  9. How are conflicts resolved throughout the book? Discuss whether these resolutions are influenced more by the characters’ personal growth or external factors.

  10.  Were you satisfied with the resolution of the mystery? How did the ending align or contrast with the themes presented throughout the book?


I'm always looking for new opportunities to talk about my books. Let's connect!

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