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Reverend Jane

Pastor and Author

Welcome to my website, where faith and fiction meet. I'm Jane Willan, a pastor and author passionate about exploring life's mysteries through storytelling and sharing insights to help you grow in faith and creativity.

Here, you'll find a collection of my novels, sermons, writing tips, and resources for technology in ministry. You'll enter into the cozy world of Sister Agatha and Gwenafwy Abbey and the sometimes not-so-cozy world of being a pastor who writes about murder. Dive into my captivating mystery novels and women's fiction that will keep you engaged while prompting spiritual reflection.

Whether you're a writer, a church enthusiast, a ministry leader, or someone who just loves to read, I invite you to explore this website, connect with me, and join my community of readers and believers.


Together, let's discover the power of faith and storytelling to transform lives.

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Introducing the first installment in my e-book series: "The Effective Use of AI in Ministry”. This volume is specifically tailored for pastors who seek to integrate technology into their sermon preparation. 

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