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Where to start writing?

I recently started a new job —the job of my dreams—in an active, dynamic church in a progressive and vibrant city. My husband and I (along with our cat and dog—Winifred and Moses) packed up and moved from Massachusetts to Connecticut and have now settled into our new life in a new place. Since my church is filled with energized parishioners and lots of fun stuff going on, I have been extremely busy for the past three months.

Except my writing. Not busy there. How can a beloved writing project find itself stashed on the back burner (or in a file on Scrivener)? The other day, I realized that I hadn't touched my writing since last December (yikes! It's April). So, to get back to it, I took five days off from work (my pre-Holy week vacation) with the goal of getting up every morning and writing, writing, writing. I set a manageable goal--a rewrite of a novel sent back to me by my agent—bought a new coffee cup and listened to a few writer podcasts for inspiration. All I needed to do was not move from my desk for five days.

But what desk? Working from home doesn't always work. For me, at least. As soon as I get started, the dog wants a walk, the pile of laundry calls my name, the kitchen beckons with endless snacks, and there is always Netflix for the worst of writer's block. In other words, wouldn't it be nice if I could get out of the house? And better yet, go to an office? Why couldn’t I treat my writing like a real job?

Enter CoWorking West Hartford. To my surprise, I could rent a desk in a very cheerful, bright office. It is called a "hot desk" and can be rented daily. At CoWorking West Hartford, my rental includes a desk, printer, quiet (but not too quiet—there is something to be said for the company of other diligently working people), and most importantly—endless free coffee.

I am on the fourth day of my "hot desk" and I am powering through my rewrite.

Do you need a place to truly get away from it all and tackle your writing project? Say goodbye to the dog and Netflix and consider a coworking space. If nothing else, the coffee is free.

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