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Update: 30 days to 70K

Carbs and Coffee. What I need to write.

Yesterday I hit the halfway point. 35K! I was ecstatic, elated, giddy. Overwhelmed with my stunning brilliance! I would finish ahead of schedule. I am amazing!

Today I decided to quit.

I had no words. My office was beyond cluttered. Sister Agatha kept wanting to nap. Who likes cozies anyway? Maybe no one! I should write a zombie book set in an apocalyptic world. But do they drink tea? Attend Matins? Enjoy a nice pint at the Saints and Sinners Pub?

I didn't quit. Or start researching zombies. I parked myself at my desk and started typing. Between sentences, I took breaks, lots of them. There were carbohydrates with frosting, more coffee than any competent doctor would recommend, and lemonade. Yep, lemonade. It's the new bourbon. Who knew? Then around three o'clock, I thought of how much I like bees and how Sister Agatha would like bees and then suddenly Gwenafwy Abbey had a row of beehives at the edge of the meadow and then the constable arrived and wanted to talk to Sister Agatha but she was out at the beehives and......well, I was glad I didn't quit.

39,149 words and I'm craving honey.

Happy Reading, Joyful Writing,


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