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Sister Agatha Goes Hollywood

Wouldn't it be a dream to witness Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn come to life on the small screen, whether it's the glamour of Hollywood or the charm of the BBC? While the call from Paul Gibson hasn't come through yet, I hold the firm belief that it's just a matter of time, don't you?

But, let's not wait for Paul to take the leap. Let's settle back into our own director's chair for the new mystery television show featuring Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn, and which I've affectionately titled "Murder, She Prayed". Of course, Paul can always suggest a different title later.

So, it's time for casting! Who would you cast as the delightful Sister Agatha? And how about the ever-wise Father Selwyn?

Share your casting choices in the comments section below. When Paul does wake up to what a brilliant idea this is, and he bothers to call me--I'll be sure to give him your ideas.

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