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Keep Calm and carry On: A Writer's Guide for Sticking It Out

Updated: Jan 14


Day 11

It feels like my frontal lobe just swiped left and ran off with all my little gray cells.

The writer has left the building

Hello, Mystery Mavens! Today, I'm not delving into the secrets of Gwenafwy Abbey, but rather a mystery that often plagues me as a writer: how to keep writing when every fiber of my being screams, "I quit!" Just this morning, as I sat in my usual writing nook, a sense of doubt crept in, whispering sweet nothings about giving up. But I kept going! How? I have a few tricks up my sleeve which I will share with you.

Embrace the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Sometimes, the biggest hurdle is our own perfectionism. Remember, not every sentence needs to be a gem. Give yourself permission to write poorly. Bad writing can always be edited; zero writing cannot.

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day On days when writing 1000 words feels like climbing Everest, I write 100 words. Or even a sentence. Achieving these micro-goals boosts my confidence and keeps the momentum going.

Freeze. Don’t Move! The Ice Cream Truck Dilemma Thinking of leaving my desk sometimes feels like hearing the ice cream truck as an adult. Give me a dollar, I have to run! But stay put. Staying at your desk helps maintain your writing flow and keeps you anchored to the creative world. And you're one of the grown-ups. You can have ice cream anytime you want it.

Don't forget, dear word warriors, every word we write is a step on a tiny victory march. You're never losing, if you're moving forward.📚✍️

Until next time, happy reading, joyful writing,


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