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day 5....Writing Sister Agatha

Sister Agatha Strikes Back - Day 5

Hey there, mystery mavens and word wizards! Jane Willan here, your slightly frazzled but ever-optimistic guide through the wilderness of writing the fourth Sister Agatha mystery in a mere 30 days. Today marks Day 5 of our "Novel in a Month" safari and this morning, I was like a literary superhero, poised at my keyboard, cape fluttering in the breeze of my own enthusiasm. The goal? A heroic 2,500 words. For a while, words poured out of me like an over-caffeinated barista on a mission. But then, as it often happens, my superpowers started to fizzle. My fingers stumbled, my brain yawned, and I hit a wall – a wall with "612" scrawled on it.

That's right, 612 words. Not the epic saga I thought I was penning. It's like setting off for a marathon and discovering you've been jogging in place. Time for a break – a steaming mug of coffee while I wander around the house talking to myself as if the next great plot twist might be hiding behind the couch or in cookie jar (spoiler: it wasn't).

But, fueled by caffeine and sheer stubbornness, I returned to my keyboard fortress. By two in the afternoon, something miraculous happened. I hit the 2,500-word mark. 2,514 words, to be exact. Are they Shakespeare? Probably not. Are they words? Absolutely!

Here's the kicker – writing 2,500 words every day, including weekends, is like deciding to knit a sweater while running a marathon. It sounds a impossible and maybe not even that smart, but there's method in the madness. You see, when I leave a novel alone too long, it starts giving me the cold shoulder. Characters sulk, plots play hide-and-seek – it's like trying to make friends in a middle school cafeteria all over again.

So, this write-every-day business? It's like daily tea and cakes with my fictional friends, keeping the conversation flowing and the awkward silences at bay. Plus, it's a great excuse not to do laundry.

Catch you all on Day 6 – another 2,500 words and probably several cups of coffee deep. Thanks for sharing this wordy ride with me.

Keep reading, keep laughing, and keep writing.

Jane 📚✍️💫

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