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Contest Alert! Name that Suspect

Day 8

Word total for today 2522

Nice day. Sunny. Cold. A good Thursday.

A murder charge isn't my biggest problem. My real problem is...I don't have a name!

✍️Hey Mystery Mavens,

Another great writing day here but I am stuck on something and I need a bit of help from you.

I've got a new character coming up in the fourth book – a librarian from the village of Pryderi. But here's the twist – she could be mixed up in the murder (if it was a murder, of course)….Did she do it? Or is she just caught in the middle of it all? To be honest, even I'm not sure....but in the meantime, she needs a name.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Name that suspect! Think of something that feels just right for our cozy Welsh setting. It can be anything that pops into your head, as long as it feels like it belongs in our story.

What's in it for you? The person who enters the best name gets a super cool care package from Sister Agatha herself. Imagine getting a bunch of Sister Agatha books, some lovely Welsh tea, and a few other cozy things to enjoy!


How to get in on this: Please submit the name you've come up with. Unleash your creativity – the more imaginative, the better! I will review all your suggestions to select the one that seamlessly integrates into our story. Share your name ideas in the comments!


Deadline Make sure to send in your submissions by Wednesday, January 17.


So, grab a cup of Welsh Brew a butter scone and help me out! Winner announced on January 18!


Happy Reading, Joyful Writing,


Winnie fell asleep editing.

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