The Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn Mystery Series

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Abide With Me:  A Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn Mystery (#3)

The season of Epiphany is in full swing at Gwenafwy Abbey when ten new nuns from
a convent in Los Angeles join the community of Anglican sisters. They bring energy,
youthful enthusiasm, and more electronic equipment than Sister Agatha could have imagined.
The arrival of the new nuns brings something else to the Abbey—a bit of unexpected
notoriety. Claire Pennoyer, an ambitious young reporter for The Church Times, interviews the
new sisters for a feature story. Murder is the last thing on anyone’s mind when Claire is
found dead on the beach, her mobile phone in the sand. A tragic death, says Constable
Barnes. A selfie gone bad. Meanwhile, Sister Agatha is unconvinced and puts on her
detective’s hat. Clues abound including the mysterious discovery of a missing key baked into
the king’s cake for the feast of Epiphany. Her tangled list of suspects includes everyone from
the new sisters to Reverend Mother to the beloved archbishop of Wales. Worst of all are her
worries about the abbey's beloved Shetland pony, Bartimaeus who may be reaching the end
of a noble life. Time is running out as Sister Agatha uncovers a shocking reality. Will she
reveal the truth hidden in an ancient document before it is too late?

Join old and new friends in Abide With Me, Jane Willan’s blend of cozy village,
sparkling humor, and enough action to keep you turning pages, the third book in the Sister
Agatha and Father Selwyn mystery series.


“Perfect whodunit. Likeable characters and great plot twists… another must read!”
--Debra H. Goldstein, Author of Kensington’s Sarah Blair mysteries

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The Hour of Death: A Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn Mystery (#2)

Jane Willan’s The Hour of Death will be a Christmas delight for fans of G. M. Malliet, set on the island of Wales.

Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn make sleuthing a work of art. But will they paint themselves into a corner when they investigate the Village Art Society president’s death?

As Yuletide settles upon Gwenafwy Abbey, the rural Welsh convent’s peace is shattered when Tiffany Reese, president of the Village Art Society, is found dead on the floor of the parish hall. Sister Agatha, whose interests lie more with reading and writing mystery stories than with making the abbey’s world-renowned organic gouda, is not shy about inserting herself into the case. With the not-entirely-eager assistance of Father Selwyn, she begins her investigation.

Not long after the murder, a sequence of unsettling events befalls artist-in-residence Lucy Pennoyer. Her dog is kidnapped; she receives a threatening letter; and she is run off the road by a mysterious car. Will her next work of art be forever unfinished?

Sister Agatha has no shortage of suspects to check off her naughty-or-nice list, until finally, Tiffany’s half-brother, Kendrick Geddings, emerges as the prime suspect. There never was any love lost between Tiffany and Kendrick, and of late they had been locked in a vicious battle for control of the family estate. But if Sister Agatha thinks she has the case wrapped up, she’ll have to think again when Kendrick ends up dead. ​

the shadow of death.cover

The Shadow of Death: A Sister Agatha and Father Selwyn Mystery (#1)

The sisters of Gwenafwy Abbey have cherished their contemplative life—days spent in prayer, reflection, tending the Convent’s vegetable gardens and making their award-winning organic cheese, Heavenly Gouda. Life seems perfect, except for Sister Agatha, a die-hard mystery fan who despairs of ever finding any real life inspiration for her own novel. That is, until the Abbey’s sexton is found dead under an avalanche of gouda. Despite the reservations of the local constable, Sister Agatha is convinced it’s murder and the game is afoot.

Armed only with the notes she’s scribbled during her favorite podcast, How to Write a Mystery Novel, as well as lessons learned from crime heroes ranging from Hercule Poirot to Stephanie Plum, Sister Agatha leads the nuns of Gwenafwy Abbey (and her unwitting sidekick, Father Selwyn) as they begin a race against time to resolve the death of Jacob, save the Abbey, exonerate a beloved postulant, and restore the good name of their cheese.

Praise for The Shadow of Death:
“Sprightly… The rich life and personalities of this religious community, coupled with Sister Agatha’s devotion to the sage advice of a retired inspector turned podcaster, guarantee reader impatience for the next installment.”
―Publishers Weekly